Welcome to my web site, I would like to introduce myself and share my vision of helping you to regain your balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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I worked for over 25 years in banking, until after a reflexology session and vivid spiritual experience I found that my energy was clear and I was a channel for healing energy.
At this time I knew nothing about the chakra system or our energy bodies and I was not aware of my spiritual path.
In 2004 after this experience my life changed completely and I began to walk my true path and re awaken my passion for life and energy healing. I was aware and shown that I was a natural healing channel, as of course we all are, but I was drawn to get myself attuned to Reiki and that opened me up in many ways. It was like being plugged into the Universal energy system.
Since then I have continued to study many different healing modalities, each of them enhancing my ability to channel and support others. These include Reiki and Angelic Reiki, Anusha Healing, Pranic Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy and Rose Alchemy.
I work with angels and Ascended Masters and increased my angelic connection by training as a facilitator in ‘Lightworking with Angels’ with Ros Place.
I also have an interest in crystals and can use them in my healing sessions.
I have a passion for Distance Healing and I really enjoy doing using my gifts in that way, I have a fb group called ‘La Sagesse Distance Healing Group’.
Since the sad death of my son Dale in Afghanistan I now offer support to soldiers and Veterans with war trauma and I am also part of the fb group Bereaved Military Mothers.
I worked in Oxford at the WellBeing Clinic for 6 years doing Holistic Massage and Reiki, and I now practice at the Kingsbridge Chiropractic Clinic and from my home in South Devon.

My Healing Modalities:

Reiki and Angelic Reiki – Reiki is probably now the most well known of Eastern spiritual healing modalities. I was attuned to the traditional Usui Reiki System at the School of Living Light in Glastonbury and then travelled to Perth Australia to get my Master Teacher Attunement with Larisa Whyte in 2006. I received my Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Attunement in 2012.

Anusha Healing – like reiki Anusha healing is a form of spiritual healing and can help support your body to repair and heal in many ways. This system uses symbols to help facilitate your healing. I had my Master Teacher Atonement  in 2008 from Patsi Hayes and Kate Pike who channeled this energy healing system. We are told Anusha is a form of the healing used by the Essenes in the time of Jesus.

Massage – massage or bodywork has been used for thousands of years to facilitate healing and repair in the body. Our bodies respond by relaxing to the touch of the practitioner and by working on the tension held in the muscles, blood flow is increased allowing healing to take place.

Intergrated Energy Therapy, or IET – this system was developed by Stevan Thayer and is a channeled energy system using the energy of the angels. IET is used to clear and release energetic blocks from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers in your aura or etheric body. It is a hands on healing system, but I also really  enjoy doing distance IET sessions and feel it is a great tool for clearing your deep seated old beliefs that are no longer serving your highest and greatest good.

Pranic Healing – I studied this interesting healing system in 2008, and it has enabled me to ‘feel’ energy bodies. I can use Pranic Healing to feel, clear and balance your chakra system. When this happens you feel calm and have a clarity within your mind, perhaps a clear focus about what changes to make in your life.

Rose Alchemy – working with the energy of the roses is my latest joy. It was my pleasure to meet Sandra Marie Humby and study with her, as she shared her knowledge of Rose Alchemy. Again this healing modality works in a deceptively deep way, do not be deceived by the idea that it’s just a flower. The Rose Alchemy cards work to bring your Divine Feminine into perfect balance with your Divine Masculine energy, clearing your energy and allowing healing to occur.

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