These are a few of the lovely reviews and words that my clients have sent to me, thank you all for taking the time and sharing with me ……

“When I came to Oxford as a student from India, I was lost in the new culture and lifestyle. I was scared that I would lose my spirituality in the process. When I met Katy, she helped ground and calm me during the Reiki sessions. Beyond a healer, she is a good friend who has always been there for me. With compassion, healing automatically flows and that’s Katy for you. I thank God for the day we met.” …….. Poornima

Katy and her ability to heal brought about clarity and purpose to my life” ……MS

Katy’s spiritual energy enabled me to start on the road to recovery” …..MS

A Message to All:
“Katy’s work is amazing. She truly is a modern day alchemist. She combines the beauty of nature in her gorgeous rose photographs from her own personal rose garden with the blessings and healing words as a gifted intuit. Katy has experienced personal pain and loss and has used her insights and feelings from her personal life to share her healing and compassion along with her very special gifts from Source to produce and share these Rose Blessings in order to help us all to heal mentally physically and spiritually during these times of great change and transformation on our dear Mother Earth. I hope you can truly enjoy her blessed channeling.”
In Love and Light
Nancy Miller
Del Mar, California

“Katy’s Rose Blessings are resplendent, vibrant and truly beautiful. Their energies are uplifting and empowering, challenging and inspiring in a deeply loving, compassionate and gentle way. Gaze upon them, hold them close and allow their profound love, light, hope and joy into your heart and experience whatever you want and need in each gloriously peaceful moment.”

Patsi Hayes – Anusha Healing

“I recently had the pleasure of being a part of a 21 day distance meditation, working with the Roses. As we progressed through the days, I became deeply touched by the reverence of each flower, their simple forms, the vibrancy of their colours and the depth of their messages. It has had a profound and lasting effect on me.
I felt very blessed to be a witness to their uncovering and to experience the essence of their love.”

Georgia Burt – Architect

“Katy’s reflections on each rose are songs to your soul, with a perfect melody of love woven through each one. They are filled with the nectar of devotion that will fill your heart with peace as you read and look at the roses she uses to bring forth these beautiful messages.”

Linda O’Donnell
Gainsville, Florida