Sacred Rose Blessings

The Sacred Rose Blessings, this a 21 day programme working towards health and healing.

During a 21 day prayer circle in July 2014 I was given each of the Rose Blessings, the words were given daily to match each one of my rose photographs. I had for some time been taking pictures of the roses in my garden. Most of the Roses in this book one are from my own garden, a few are from my neighbour’s gardens, and I thank them for allowing me to freely take the photographs. I intuitively knew or was given the names for the Roses, they would just jump or pop onto my head during my 7am prayer session over the 21 Days.

I shared the Sacred Rose blessings with some of my friends, around the world, over a 21 day period in October 2014 and we had some lovely and beautiful experiences. Thank you to Patsi Hayes who took the energy of the Sacred Rose Blessings into Chalong Temple in Thailand.

You may wonder why I have given you 22 Rose Blessings from a 21 day meditation, but the words for the ‘I AM’ Rose Blessing were given to me as ‘a Gift’ after I had finished working with the first set of 21 Roses. And so I gift it to you, with my blessing, and I feel that it completes the energy of the Sacred Rose Blessings, and brings us into balance with Source energy.

The first book of Sacred Rose Blessings are available now on the Bookings page for £22 or as a file to download yourself for £11.

I also do Rose Readings from your favourite rose photo or image, or I can choose a rose for you. This is done remotely and not in person and costs £25, please book through the Bookings page.

This is an example of the rose messages:
I Am the Rose of Mary Magdalene and I carry within my essence the balance of the male and female energy. Within me and within this image I hold the balance of the Christ energy, a perfect balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine energy.
When we last walked on the Earth plane together in your timeframe of 2000 years ago we knew our mission and purpose and we were well coached, supported and trained to play out our roles together. We were working to anchor in the divine essences of the masculine energy, of power, strength and direct purpose together with the divine feminine energy of love, compassion and beauty. It is essential now that all the people on the Earth plane recognise their need to find the balance within their own self, of their energetic essences of the male and female.
We knew 2000 years ago that it would be a long time before this balance could really begin to show on the earth but we were aware that this time would come and that you would begin to bring in the Golden Age, thus returning to the beautiful energy of the original Age of Atlantis. Many of you have some memory of this, deeply seated, but encoded into your individual memory bodies.
The image that I have chosen as my rose essence card has both the reflection of my energy and also of my beloved partner Jeshua. We asked you to bring in the blue colour for this reason so that my rose image would hold the balance between the male and female energy. When you look at my rose and breathe deeply and slowly you will connect with your heart centre and find that you become centred, calm and at peace. What is happening is the male energy of the head is connecting in balance with the female energy of the heart, bringing you back into that inner place of connection to your soul and to the One energy of the Whole.
For peace to return to Earth each of you must accept this as a truth, you will each need to practice and maintain you own energy balance. This is just a simple and easy method that you may use, when you focus and intend to be of a balanced nature. You may also use these images by placing your left hand over the rose and taking 3 deep breaths, my channel Kathryn was introduced to this exercise during our creation of the Circle of Love, it is the optimum way to use the Rose Essence energy images.
I Am your servant Mary Magdalene, I am here at all times to aid and assist you and mankind with your passage into the New Golden Age. Peace be with you. Namaste, blessings and Adieu …..

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