About Me

My name is Katy Gostick and I now live in West Charleton in Devon, after moving from Oxford in 2010.

I have beautiful whippet called Harley and a magnificent horse called Saxon and so much of my time is spent out in the beautiful Devon countryside or walking on the beaches around our home. I also have a large fluffy black and white cat called Luis, so you can tell that I love animals and they have always played a big part in my life. I have completed an Animal Reiki course and can do sessions with your pets and horses, both in person and at a distance.

I was blessed with 2 children Ryan is in the boatbuilding community and enjoying using his skills working with wood, my younger son Dale was sadly killed in Afghanistan in 2008 and so I enjoy his company as a spiritual presence and guide.

Dales passing has opened up a path for me to assist and support others with their grieving process. I can share my knowledge and use my healing gifts to bring others back into balance, this support can make a huge difference in someone’s life and helps them adjust to the loss of their children, family or friends. As part of the private fb group Bereaved Military Mothers I share my spiritual knowledge and healing gifts with other Mums, as we support each other in the grieving process.

I also enjoy working with soldiers or Veterans suffering from war trauma, healing can bring them back into balance and together with other healing modalities can improve their quality and outlook on life. I have more recently been involved with the Veterans Peace Centre Project.

My study in energy healing has been a continuous process, I am a Reiki Master and also an Angelic Reiki Master, an Anusha Master Teacher and Integrated Energy Therapist (IET). I am trained in Pranic Healing and my latest passion is working with Rose Alchemy.

In July 2014 after connecting with photo images of my own roses I channeled messages from each of these pictures which now for a healing set of Rose Blessings and teachings. I have the first set of these available as a pdf file for £11 and a book for £22, now available on my Bookings page.

I connect with angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters and have completed ‘Lightworking with Angels’ with Ros Place. I also have an ongoing interest in crystals and sometimes use them in my healing sessions.

My interest in distance healing has developed into a particular passion of mine and I have a fb group called ‘La Sagesse Distance Healing Group’ this began after my visit to La Sagesse beach in Grenada and I realised that La Sagesse means Divine Wisdom. We connect with each other and Universal source energy to send peace, love, reiki, healing and prayers every Saturday at midday or when requested. This private group has grown and we have created a supportive network of like minded fb friends.

Each session with me is tailored to your specific needs and we can discuss which modality feels best and will be most supportive to you.
Please do call me for more information or to discuss your session, or to book an appointment, Please call me on 07919 121052 or email me at katygostick.co.uk..
I can do healing work from a distance and use Skype if that is convenient for you.
Distance Healing, Rose and Angel Card Readings are also available from £25, please book your Reading via the Bookings page.